Why Is Everyone Talking About Latvian Nature?

Every once in a while we are thinking about going in to the nature and explore new places but we never do it because of the busy schedule, big workload or other occasions. It sounds like a great idea to do but there always are some other circumstances that make you decide not to do that.
Last weekend we decided to go for a hike in Latvia’s Natural park, Ķemeru Nacionālais parks. We did it together with other 100 nature lovers. It was a very fun thing to do because we had to walk over 20km in few hours. Everyone packed lunch boxes with them, some took a friendly four-legged companion with them and every once in a while we all stopped to have a fun exercise.
Here I have made a photo gallery of what happened and what we saw. Hope you will enjoy and you will get inspired to take action next time you have a chance : )

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