Welcome to TREEVEN

Greetings and welcome to the very first TREEVEN post!

TREEVEN is the place to discover colorful, exciting and fun products for your life. Products you wear, you gift, you love.

We believe that traveling is the key to get to know yourself the best. Being outside of your comfort zone, together with your someone special in the land you have never been before, drinking local wine on the terrace or taking a long hike along the sea side.. That is the place of absolute freedom, the place where you can be yourself, dare to do whatever comes in mind and in the end of the day realize that something beautiful just happened. Have you ever experienced that?

Not yet or it’s been a while? Then save a little bit of money, schedule your time off from work or school and book a plane ticket. Everything else is just your own improvisation.

TREEVEN community is adventurous and hungry to travel. If you also have that exciting butterfly feeling in your stomach when you are thinking about your next trip, we are glad to welcome you here! See you along the way, my friend!

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