At first, we might appear as a small team and it might seem as a disadvantage, but for us it’s really not.

With the current age of technology and opportunities that the internet gives us, we have been doing everything by ourselves – product development, packaging, getting supplies, advertising and the list goes on and on! We believe it helps TREEVEN to stay and grow on the exact path that we see it should.

We are always open for new opportunities and ways to give better service to our customers, so if there’s anything how we can help – let us know!





What initially started as a get together with a bunch of college friends later became known as TREEVEN.

At first, we all had one thing in mind – we knew that we want to make something that we can call our own. Something that excites, looks good and is made of quality materials. So we started to try things out.

Working alongside each other as college buddies on a brand and product we believed in was exciting, but the early days made for some testing times and taught us so many lessons. It took us quite a few failed attempts in developing ideas, tons, and tons of samples, lots of brainstorming and nerves to finally develop accessories that would fit our criteria.

We are asking you – What is your dream?
What are you chasing?



We take our craft seriously. Originality, quality, detail, storytelling.

It’s what we do.



Whether its people we work for,

or people who work for us,

we value honesty,

passion & the desire to explore.


Adventures are a part of life, aren’t they? That’s what we are all about!